Snow Chains

Snow chains - your best friends in heavy winter weather

Before every winter season the same question: will it snow so heavily that motorists can't get out of their seats - or if it does, will they slide into the ditch? Does it pull you as a vacationer into the snow-covered mountains and to the skiing area? In all these cases and in some more where you don't want to leave anything to (un)frozen chance, snow chains are a versatile and automatically adapted answer to your skidding problem. Carried in their box they take up little space and almost always fit in a gap next to, under or on top of the spare wheel. And in some places they are simply a must. You can understand this very well if you have had the chance to experience the difference they can make - the difference between helplessness and mobility.

Putting on should be practiced

What can you expect from reasonable snow chains? They promise themselves a good grip when mounted, that's for sure. But by the time you get there, the chaff is already different from the wheat, or let's say weather-related; the slush from the powder snow. How easily snow chains can be put on is an important criterion. It has to be quick and, ideally, intuitive, without having to study the instructions for a long time. Tip: practice this at home in the dry, so that you don't have to familiarize yourself with the model that may still be in its original packaging in an emergency. In the dark and with whining children in the car.

Where does the chain come on it?

Usually snow chains come in sets of two and are mounted on the wheels of the drive axle. In the case of rear wheel drive they are mounted on the rear wheels and in the case of front wheel drive on the front wheels. All-wheel drive vehicles can have all wheels reinforced with the extra traction of the chains. But it can also make sense for a rear-wheel drive vehicle to mount a second set on the front wheels, because the chains make steering on ice and smooth snow easier, especially when driving downhill when the weight of the vehicle adds to it. And before you make the most of Wamster's reasonably priced range: make sure you check the size and whether your winter tires fit under the model you have chosen. The best thing to do is to use the presetting of the corresponding tire sizes on the left side of the store page to narrow down your selection.

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