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Wheel claw Nemesis Purpleline: Safety for motorhomes, caravans and Trailers

Campers like to leave their caravan or motor home. They go into the city, to the bath or to a restaurant. The motorhome or caravan stands alone at the campsite. Opportunity makes thieves. The fully equipped, mobile living units have, together with the contents, a double value for car thieves. Secure your caravan or motor home with the special wheel claw Nemesis Purpleline. The British brand Full Stop Security has launched an innovative wheel claw. They are the first and only ones worldwide to have Thatcham Category 3 approval.

Nemesis Purpleline wheel claw - the strong one for a lot of security

Especially the Nemesis Purpleline convinces as the biggest model and real heavyweight with an incredible 12 kilogram weight. You mount the wheel claw in a few moments and thus secure the vehicle against theft. The Nemesis can be attached to steel and aluminum rims alike. It is adjustable for tire widths from 145 to 245 millimeters. The classic wheel claw has rubberized arms that protect the rims from scratches when put on. The steel plate is screwed onto these arms. This stiffens the entire parking claw and prevents thieves from moving or removing the tire. A robust bolt lock additionally secures the parking claw. An attachable rubber cover protects the lock from rain or snow and thus from corrosion.

Sophisticated wheel claws on a high, technical level


Due to the close-fitting, solid steel sleeve, the parking claw can neither be cut nor drilled through. Even icing does not help, because the resistant and highly durable composite material withstands all tests. Installation is very easy, but forcible removal is almost impossible. Possible thieves would take too much time with the immobilizer. Usually they turn to vehicles that are easier to obtain. A convenient storage bag keeps all parts and locks together, so the Nemesis Purpleline is always close at hand, whether you're at a rest stop, camping or winter storage.

Parking claws: small, quick to attach and still secure

Nemesis Ultra proves an absolute measure of security despite smaller and considerably lighter construction. Again, the mounting plate together with a steel wheel bar prevents the wheel from moving and being removed. You simply push the steel rod through the tire and attach the wheel claw to the wheel bolt installed for this purpose. Simply turn the key and the Nemesis Ultra immobilizer will secure your caravan or trailer. In a few seconds, this parking claw can be quickly installed even for a short stopover. Smaller parking claws are also available for trailers and cars. They offer a quick and easy protection against theft of the Vehicle.

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