3m™ Wetordry™ 2048 Wet sandpaper p1500 MicroFine
138/230 - p1500 - waterproof

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Field of applicationandnspsp;

Wet sandpaper is very well suited for fine sanding. It is a special paper, which develops its effect with the addition of water. It is recommended: the last working steps when sanding with wet sanding paper and water.

Wet sandpaper is dry and hard when purchased. It should be placed in lukewarm water for approx. 20 - 30 minutes before starting work, before using it for sanding. For flat flunduml;chen a sanding block should be used in order to achieve an even-sounding result

3mundtrade; Wetordryundtrade; Polishing System Sheet 401q is a high quality, very flexible, waterproof sandpaper funduuml;r the finish and for sanding out flaws in the top coat


  • Smooth mouth finish
  • High cutting ability
  • Very good grain adhesion



  • High surface quality
  • High productivity


  • Electrostatic
  • Scattering Emulsion resistant
  • Paper document
  • Full resin bond
  • Waterproof

This is the best foundation for surface quality, high cutting performance and an exceptional finish.

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